Library Facilities

Library is the heart , mind and soul of an educational institution and a fountain –head of innovativeness , inspiration and insight both for the students and the Faculty. Learning and the Library are to each other as light to the lamp.

Library is the most important section of every educational institute. Our Institutional Library is fully Computerized and equipped with the large and good collection of books and also gives the facility of the book bank. Institutional Library is having books related to all the courses offered by our institute. Apart from the books our library has magazine, journals and other current study materials like Video Cassettes ,CD-ROMs are also available for the readers or users.

The college has a voluminous, elegant library which is equipped with more than 10000 books including All India Reporters (AIR), Supreme Court cases (SCC), Central and Local Acts, Reports of Low Commission of India, Text books of renowned authors on various subjects of law and Magazines, Periodicals and Reputed Law Journals. Online Journals and CD ROM’s have been subscribed to keep abreast with latest law and its interpretation