Mechnical Engineering Lab

The Department has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated Faculty endowed with a desirable sense of dutifulness. The Faculty imparts high quality education and helps students in honing their skills, grooming their personality providing adequate knowledge for gearing up to complete project works, hold group discussions, develop communication skills and create an environment that develops knowledge in sync with the demand of the industry.

The primary target is to see that the students get suitably placed. The students are made to feel comfortable in an ideal academic environment. There is an excellent provision of Lecture Planning to cover and revise the prescribed syllabus of every subject well in time before the commencement of the University Examinations.

Weak Students are given a special attention to raise them to the desired level. Towards the end of the Dean Academics makes an assessment how far the syllabi of various subjects are covered as devised and scheduled and takes reme dial steps where necessary.

The entire Lecture plan is web-sited for the convenience of the students. The Faculty members towards advancement of knowledge and enhancements of skills in the desired arena through seminars, conferences and presenting and publishing papers to strengthen the Research and Development Wing of the Department.